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All consultants owe their clients a duty to protect confidential or proprietary information.  An actuary that works with multiple clients should not give the sensitive knowledge of one to another or obtain improper treatment from one on behalf of another.  Moreover, Michael Lamb LLC offers valued services to both regulators and insurance companies, as well as other publics.  When working with a state to analyze proposals or examine an insurer, Lamb will not also make presentations to that state or represent that insurer anywhere.  Potential conflicts will always be resolved in favor of the public interest.



Examples of true conflicts of interest are: injurious insurance products, unconscionable pricing, regulatory policies that impair markets, purposely understated liabilities, or a disdain for data quality.  These are indicative of persons that have incorrectly chosen their line of work.  Michael Lamb LLC will not accept engagements where integrity is lacking.



We invite your comments and insights into ethical conduct.  Please contact:


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