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Michael Lamb LLC
Casualty Actuarial Services

MICHAEL LAMB LLC offers a full variety of casualty actuarial services with a client-based focus on fully valuing both risks and opportunities.  Services are available countrywide to insurance companies, state regulators, other government agencies, self-insured businesses, consumer advisors, news media, and others with interests in future contingencies.


R. Michael Lamb, FCAS, MAAA, MBA is the firm's Principal.  Mr. Lamb has spent over three decades with highly regarded insurance companies and state insurance regulation.  His insightful ability to recognize the just value for liabilities and to discern equitable allocations of insurance costs have been widely recognized by his peers, employers, and the public.



If you have used the same casualty actuary for several years, you should consider a change simply to benefit from different insights and understanding.  Send your actuary's report to Michael Lamb LLC for a free no-obligation assessment of what additional assistance we might offer.


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Michael Lamb LLC

Casualty Actuarial Services

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